Fourteen years providing consulting services.

At Peritos Judiciales Barcelona S.L, we have been helping companies with consultancy services for fourteen years.

Our experts analyze, order, clarify, solve and unblock all kinds of business situations.

Both in the judicial and in the private contractual way, our work consists of making expert reports with conclusions, and analysis of companies.

Our analysis expert reports reflect situations of blockade of companies, as well as they contribute and value the solutions for these companies.

We offer national and international companies the opportunity to achieve:

  1. Sell more
  2. Improve productivity
  3. Reducing costs
  4. Launch a new project
  5. Unlock a legal issue

We put at your disposal our contacts and alliances obtained with experts and other client companies.

Get the business growth boost your company needs.

The consulting service, can only bring improvement.

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As we commented in our previous publication, the vision of an experienced third party from another point of view allows to see outputs that internally are undetectable by the client company itself, but what exactly is a consulting service?

What is a consultancy?

The definition of consultancy is understood as that place where people or companies that require an expert person to advise them go.

Consulting is a service that helps to reorganize companies so that they can provide better services, solve their blocking situations, or start up new expansion projects.

It is essential that a consulting company is aware of all the technological, legal and organizational developments in the business market.

It is also a necessity for the consulting company to have a selection of professionals capable of providing solutions and expansion opportunities to all types of businesses.

On rare occasions, client companies have managers capable of overcoming all changes, providing solutions and anticipating competing companies in taking advantage of new opportunities offered by the market.

Through our consulting services we ensure that our clients can achieve their goals, giving them the tools and solutions to continue running their business on their own, after having been redirected with our mentoring and cooperative work to support the business growth of our clients.

The most popular consulting services are business consulting, strategic consulting and digital consulting.

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