Judicial Expert Course in Barcelona

Judicial Expert Course in Barcelona


Judicial Expert Course Program (indicative)


The purpose of the course is for the student to learn to act as a judicial expert and make an expert report regardless of their specialty or professional qualification.nal.


Regulation and regulation of the expert in the Spanish legal system
Distinction between Party Expert and Judicial Expert
When does the Judicial Expert intervene?
Conditions of the experts (Art. 340 of the LEC)
Development of the judicial expert service
Procedure for the judicial appointment of the expert
Appeal to the expert, acceptance and appointment.
Providing funds
Who pays our fees?
Cross out, disqualification and the duty of abstention of the experts.
The communication of the Court and Parties with the Expert.
Sanctions and Penalties applicable to the Judicial Expert
Expertise according to the Law of Free Legal Assistance
Relevant aspects about the figure and actions of various agents
The Judicial Expert and the Insurance Contract Law. Summary procedures, procedures with summary secrecy and joint intervention of the expert with the police or other experts.
Frequent questions
Do I need to be registered as a freelancer to practice as an expert?
How do I make my invoices?
Do I need to take out Professional insurance?
Do I have to be registered?


What is an expert?
Report / Opinion / Expertise
How to manage an order
Documentary analysis
Inspection or expert test
Report / opinion writing
Defense in court
Usual questions
Questions about extremes
Typical situations in which sometimes the Court does not take into account the participation of the Expert because it is not this part of the process.
Video of an expert acting in court.


Small Formative Committee.  7 Places Maximum


Boardroom.  (Photographed on Website)


Solo 4 horas.  Ameno and Simple Course

SCHEDULES: (days indicated in the registration calendar, consult several months)

Friday morning  One session on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m


From 190 euros the full course.  Prices may vary on certain dates.



TO WHOM IS IT DIRECTED ?: Any person interested in registering or practicing as an expert with or without a degree, also Associates who need training before registering for the first time as judicial experts.

WHO ARE THE TEACHERS ?: Members of the Barcelona® Judicial Experts management team can see us in the ABOUT US us section of the web.

DIPLOMA + CARNET: At the end of the course, a test type test of between 10 questions is carried out and a diploma and a card of our official and registered trademark “Peritos Judicial Barcelona ®” are awarded to those who pass the test.

FREE REGISTRATION IN LIST OF JUDICIAL EXPERTS: Those students who pass the test will be invited to the option of registering for free as external professionals in the list of Judicial Experts Barcelona ®.

PROFESSIONAL LEGAL DEFENSE: The course entitles you to be protected by the Legal Defense of “Judicial Experts Barcelona ®” in case you need to be defended by a lawyer when acting as a Judicial Expert after the first year of our training.

MENTORING: At the end of the course we continue to advise the former student and even (if you need it) we personally accompany you to the Courts in the first job that you are designated as Judicial Expert.

SECURITY AND PRESTIGE: The objective is that when the student finishes the course, as a new Judicial Expert he / she has a lot of confidence in himself / herself to be able to enter a court and exercise as an expert in his specialty with our support. In addition, the Expert trained with us may use our professional card before the courts, benefiting from the popularity and prestige of the officially registered trademark “Judicial Experts Barcelona ®”


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