Results commission attorneys

If your case has a chance of success and you want to claim more than 10,000 euros, we will help you.

The commission attorneys service guarantees that:

  • The lawyer is interested in the success of your case
  • Do not pay lawyer fees when starting the service
  • Be the lawyer who risks your work and fees in your matter

And in addition, our professional satisfaction also consists of:

  • To defend the truth
  • Listen to you
  • Protect you
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Prestigious lawyers in Barcelona

For informational purposes, we remind you that we are the leading lawyers in the case “sign Barcelona”, where we have defeated the law firm selected by the city council, matter in which we have been news in the press media of Barcelona.

Benefit from the only law firm with its own team of expert judicial experts.

The validity of our expert reports has been recognized by the Supreme Court in judgment RJ 2011/2145, where the supreme court dictates that our expert report complies with all guarantees.

Reserved the right of admission

NOTICE: In order to preserve our prestige as lawyers in Barcelona, we warn that we select our clients and reserve the right of admission in certain matters.

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